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Equal Stevia

Get the sweetness without all the calories of sugar, with new, naturally sweetened Equal Stevia.

Equal is a household name in New Zealand when it comes to reduced kilojoule sweeteners.

Now there’s a new product in the range – Equal Stevia – a naturally sweetened, reduced kilojoule sweetener.

Equal Stevia is sweetened with extracts from the Stevia plant and can be used in place of sugar to sweeten hot drinks – but without all the calories. One Equal Stevia tablet contains just 1.2kj and is equivalent in sweetness to one teaspoon of sugar which contains 70kj. That’s a saving of 98%!

The Stevia plant is native to South America and its sweetness comes from components found in its leaves. It contains no calories or carbohydrates and has been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years. More recently Stevia has gained popularity around the world as a natural sweetening ingredient.

Equal has taken the natural sweetener found in Stevia and blended it with select ingredients to create a sweetener with a clean, crisp taste with a reduced kilojoule content.

You can find Equal Stevia tablets at selected supermarkets nationwide, in a handy dispenser pack for on-the-go convenience.

Equal Stevia – a low-kilojoule alternative to sugar, naturally sweetened with Stevia.

More information about Equal Stevia is available at

One Equal Stevia tablet (1.2kj) is equivalent in sweetness to one level teaspoon of sugar (70kj).

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